Debra Smith has published articles in peer-reviewed journals since 1989, and has authored texts on disabilities, social capital, prisons and group work.


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Life After Death

Life After Death is a resource guide for families, friends

and support staff with advice to counsellors and researchers; Preparing people with intellectual disabilities for bereavement and loss. This guide covers the following 7 areas:

– Death and Disability: Double Taboo
– What is Death?
– Understanding Death
– Bereavement Experiences

– Personal and Emotional Strategies
– Education
– Practical and Environmental Strategies

Paperback | English |65 pages

Author: Debra Smith

Publication Date: 2000

Publisher: Australian Institute on Intellectual Disability

ISBN: 0 9586 960 2 0

Letters To Bridge

Letters to Bridge is a book documenting the history and stories from Building Respect Inspiration Diversions Gaining Empowerment (BRIDGE) foundation, a small community based organisation which ceased to operate in 2012. The foundation supported prisoners on release, ex-prisoners and their families. This book captures some of these experiences and provides some of the examples the foundation achieved such as:

– Jan Summers Poetry Competition
– Prisoner Stories
– Beginning of the Bridge Foundation
– Bags for Release Programme
– Sentences Annual Literacy Competition
– Volunteer Story

Paperback | English | 76 pages

Edited by: Debra Smith

Publication Date: 2012

Publisher: Ginninderra Press

ISBN: 978 1 74027 765 5

Treated As Normal – Two Psychologists Journey Into Group Work

Treated As Normal is a book that explores the achievements of participants through group work. This book is not a how to manual, it is a memento of Jeanette and Debra’s work together. They have spent many years facilitating various groups in the community which has positively benefited individuals throughout the process.

This book shares with the reader:

– How it all started
– Setting the Scene (Designing a Group)
– Issues for Running Groups
– Evaluation
– Running the Group

Paperback | English | 55 pages

Author: Jeanette Gibson and Debra Smith

Publication Date: 2016

Printed by: Black Rainbow

In Prison

In Prison is based on the PHD studies of Dr Debra Smith involving extensive research in Public Health in Prisons.

The information, research and theory behind this book covers:

– Introduction
– Power and Control
– Drugs in Prison
– Healthier Than Expected
– Why Have Prisons?
– Constantly Compromised: Working in the Prison as a Therapist
– Any Suggestions?

Paperback | English |130 pages

Edited by: Debra Smith

Publication Date: 2008

Publisher: Ginninderra Press

ISBN: 978 1 74027 5217

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