Debra has extensive experience in private practice and the public sector as a manager and practitioner. She currently is a provider of psychological services for the RAAF, Work Cover, several EAP agencies including Davidson Trahaire Corpsych, Drake Workwise, BSS, TAC, local community health agencies, Centrelink, Ambulance Victoria, and the Vietnam Veterans Counselling Service.

Debra was senior psychologist and then consulting psychologist at Fulham Correctional Centre for over seven years. She is trained in critical incident debriefing, and works extensively with clients experinecing post-traumatic stress disorder.

Debra has studied grief and loss, and she has written a book on managing these states in relation to people with intellectual disabilities. She has also published a book on public health in prison, and edited several books for the Bridge Foundation.

Debra has published literature in relation to social capital, research, prisons, drugs and public health. She has a Masters in Primary Health Care and a PhD in Public Health. She is an independent Medical Examiner (Psychology) for Worksafe and TAC, a tutor with Monash School of Rural Health, and a network psychologist for Ambulance Victoria. Debra has recently completed an Associate Degree of Dementia Studies.


Psychologist registered with Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency