Forensic & Assessment Psychology Reports

A range of reports are able to be written by both Debra Smith, Psychologist and Megan Rodgers, Psychologist. These include Treating Psychologist Reports and Psychological Assessment Reports, and may be requested for criminal defence matters, Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT) matters and other like purposes.

These reports require specialist investigation and are not covered under a Medicare-funded Mental Health Care Plan, which provides funding for ‘focussed psychological strategies’ in the treatment of mental illness. The writer of a forensic report is required to be available for cross-examination in a legal setting, which adds to the cost of these reports.

As a treating psychologist, reports are at times requested to attest to a client’s engagement in treatment and progress towards treatment goals.

A Psychological Assessment Report, sometimes referred to as an Expert Witness Report, requires an objective assessment of the functioning of the client, including background information on the client’s history as well as assessment of the client’s personality profile and intellectual functioning. Psychometric assessment instruments are often used to provide data, along with clinical information gathered in interview with the client.

Debra Smith and Megan Rodgers provide reports for a range of purposes, including those set out above. Both psychologists have provided reports for Legal Aid funded clients, as well as those funded under other schemes, and are able to be flexible in producing reports at short notice.

Both psychologists also provide treating psychology reports for clients on Workcover or TAC.

Reports required by Centrelink for the purposes of Disability Support Pension applications are not able to be provided by either Debra Smith or Megan Rodgers, as they are not Clinical Psychologists, as is required by Centrelink, who do not accept reports written by Generalist Psychologists.